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Centre State Practice Management

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Corona or No-Corona;
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Amidst these difficult times, when the entire world is in the grip of a tedious pandemic, we are here to cater to all your needs with the help of our experts to the best of our abilities and outsource all your medical billing services. Ensuring the complete safety of our workers as well as making the encryption of your data certain, we are here to keep our services running and your processes up beat at all times.

CSPM Your most reliant
Life Long Healthcare BPO Service Provider

Centre State Practice Management is a private association lead by a group of expert individuals. We work as a healthcare business process outsource (BPO) service supplier and provide a broad array of healthcare services to medical billing companies, healthcare organizations, physicians, insurance companies and healthcare service providers. Having more than 10 years of expertise in our field, we believe in accomodating our clients with utmost commitment and are highly motivated to provide them with optimized medical back office services with refined and upto date technological tools and highly experienced recruits. We have developed a sophistically organized process which enables us to extend our services to hundreds of healthcare providers all over USA.

Our Services

Account Recievable Services

We provide client specific solutions to increase reclaimed revenues and reduce operating costs and delinquencies using a solely centralized documentation....

Denial Management

Optimizing your dire needs with our Denial Management Services

Insurance Verification Services

We provide prompt and proficient verification to ensure the flow of efficient business processes, inflated reimbursements and minimal denial rates.

Medical Claim Processing

We rely on our experience to provide swiftness, precision and effectiveness to your claims process.

Payment Posting Services

These services include the generation of payment reviews which we carry out on an intermittent basis to verify any inconsistencies or ....

About Us?

Centre State Practice Management is a private association lead by a group of motivated and highly commited individuals that have refined expertise to provide extensive high-tech medical billing outsourcing services to medical experts and health care providers all over USA. Our company specializes in rationalizing and simplifying medical support services in compliance with HIPPA regulations. Our team of highly skilled professionals make sure that they provide supple and confidential outsourcing services to their clients to the best of their abilities operating from our central delivery junction based in USA.

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Why Choose Us?

We take pride in what we have achieved through our potential and are grateful for where we stand today because of our accomplishments. Centre State Practice Management is not your ordinary medical billing company but it consists of the following attributes which makes it the best provider for you to choose this organization for outsourcing your medical billing services:

  • We posses more than 10 years of industry and professional experience.
  • Our competitive rates ensure approximately 40% savings in expenditures.
  • We provide our outsourcing facilities 24/7. Yes, we tirelessly put in our efforts to make our services avaiable to you all the time.
  • We are competent in publishing weekly AR reports with reduction in CAPEX costs.
  • Last but not the least, we ensure the complete encryption and privacy of the data our clients provide us.

We guarantee accurate and prompt operations, that provides our clients with the oppurtunity to peacefully and freely focus in their business development in a very care free and effective manner. And for this reason our company is the best healthcare BPO provider one can opt for.

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Choosing centre state practice management was an excellent decision for our company as we had a domestic billing system which would consistently run into problems. However, since the experts at CSPM carried out an audit of our revenue cycle not only were we able to identify the errors in our processes but also were able to overcome them. Today we have outsourced all our RCM activities to CSPM and since then we never have to worry about the management of our billing processes or revenue inflows.

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Billing and Coding are complex processes that have always been a trouble for our facility however since we have outsourced our RCM services to CSPM, our troubles have faded away. Their experts have handled our processes with such competence and proficiency that our revenues have been maximized and we are able to get timely reimbursements.

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Dealing with insurance providers is an extremely challenging task especially when your claims are consistently being rejected. Having such issues, we dropped the idea of maintaining internal billing processes and outsourced our claims processing to CSPM and within only a short span of time our claims that were consistently being denied were reimbursed. Now our revenue inflows have drastically maximized and we don't need to worry about claim denials anymore.