A streamlined and efficient financial process is necessary for thriving Chiropractic practices. CSPM has experienced professionals who have years of experience to deal with the troubles of incomplete refunds, complex documentation, reduced and consistently delayed payments and if you choose to outsource chiropractic billing services through us, we ensure to enhance your revenues with modern technology and through customized solutions.

Our Streamlined Chiropractic Medical Billing Services Process

  • Verification and re-verification of whether or not the incoming patients are eligible for medical care services through validating their demographic and insurance information.
  • Providing an inclusive claim reviewing process to assure that all important fields are completed with precision and accuracy.
  • We follow a highly specific process for billing claims to ensure that all important details are available for fully reimbursed payments.
  • We guarantee a current update of diverse windows that are required by third-party payers to file insurance claims.

Why Outsource Chiropractic Billing Services to Us?

  • We collect complete patient information
  • Ensure patients insurance eligibility
  • Follow-up on processes to check for any errors and inconsistencies
  • We carry out a thorough validation and follow up on patient accounts to receive maximum reimbursements.

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