Here at Centre State Practice Management we believe in maximizing the profits and minimizing errors in all processes for our clients. CureMD billing software enables our expert professionals to cater to client specific requirements in a highly automated and sophisticated manner that not only provides the top quality service to achieve maximum recovery of your payable amounts but also provides our clients more control over their cash inflows through cost reduction in all process thus enabling a steady revenue cycle. Using CureMD, our experts are at ease of quickly setting up client dashboards, provide prompt and advance reporting services and generate e-bills that cut down reimbursement time and alllow timely collaboration with insurers and third-party payers to settle and resolve issues regarding false or unpaid claims.

Scope Of Our (Athena, Chirotouch, Meditouch and CureMD)
Medical Billing Services

  • Creating, Processing, Reviewing and Submitting accurate claims to carriers on time electronically. (For All 3)
  • Keeping a track on the EOB's and correct any inaccurate of falsely submitted EOB's. (For MediTouch)
  • Verifying patient insurance eligibility and timely resolving all insurance related issues along with responding to insurance queries claimed by carriers to avoid any hindrances that may disrupt the revenue cycle. (For All 3)
  • Resolving payment issues by coordinating with payers and carrying out effective claim denial management to address and resolve incorrect or underpaid accounts. (For All 3)
  • Reducing Outstanding AR and Increasing Cash Flows through the combined efforts of our RCM, Operations and IT teams. (For Athena and Chirotouch)
  • Keeping an efficient follow-up with all our departments to provide guidance to our clients regarding denials and unpaid bills. (For All 3)
  • Helping managers to manage their proposals at both market and operational levels. (For Athena and Chirotouch)
  • Carrying out efficient follow-up processes daily to settle any unresolved issues and assisting our different departmental teams accordingly to make collections and revenues more efficient. (For Athena and Chirotouch)
  • Eliminating the problems related to manual billing services thus making data entry more efficient and error free and maintaining an efficient electronic medical record system. (For All 3)

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