Kareo Medical Billing software is a multifaceted billing software with a variety of features that our experts at Centre State Practice Management use to enhance the efficacy of the claims submission process of our clients to ensure accurate and timely payments. Our specially designed services tend to benefit all types of medical providers regardless of their field of specialization and through the implementation of these customized billing processes using Kareo, our experts have been able to assist our clients in significantly reducing their denied claims while reducing reimbursement time.

Scope Of Our Kareo Medical Billing Services

  • The customization of Kareo services provide swift on boarding processes.
  • Integrating the Kareo software in your existing business processes and data for enhanced profits and medical practice.
  • Efficient data importing services that assist our users with patient's demographic data and insurance eligibility.
  • Customizing services to specifically meet the needs of each medical practice.
  • Integrating medical practices with insurers data by providing coverage with an array of insurance organizations.

Our Step-Wise Billing Process Using Kareo

  • We start with understanding the operational structure of our clients medical billing process and customize our implementation process accordingly.
  • We personalize the features and functions of the software according the needs of your organization based on patient check in and payment postings.
  • We use a highly encrypted and secure process to receive charges and then an automated charge entry process uploads your billing information on Kareo.
  • We then carry out claims generation and submission to the insurer while closely monitoring the progress.
  • Lastly, we follow a systematically designed tracking schedule to keep up with the insurers for payments and then once received, we post payments and log updates on Kareo.

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