We at Centre State Practice Management, put forward all our expertise and experience to assist healthcare providers handle their Billing Processes through taking the liberty of Office Ally medical billing software by eliminating the problems related to manual billing services thus enabling healthcare providers to focus more on their patients while our experts work efficiently to help our clients maintain and file excessive amounts of electronic claims.

Office Ally is a web-based servicing software, which enables our users to customize their billing requirements. It is a cloud-based platform that provides consistent services such as clearing house, invoicing/billing, scheduling, documentation, and practice management. The use of this software enables our clients and users to efficiently maintain their workflow in an organized manner without compromising the data security of their patients.

Scope Of Our Office Ally Medical Billing Services

  • Provides access to approximately 5000 payers or more with the assistance of a free clearing house.
  • Consists of approved features that are used by more than 3,00,000 healthcare experts.
  • Provides a budget friendly EHR and Practice Management System.
  • Being a web-based system, it provides complete and unlimited access to patient data from any location over the globe without compromising data security.
  • Can be used to electronically submit claims to a wide range of people.
  • Eliminates issues related to manual billing services.
  • Allows online verification of patient's insurance eligibility and obtain a detailed summary of their necessary reports.
  • Provides the option for electronic prescription.
  • Customized feature to create swift and specific designs for all practices .
  • Enable the set-up of flexible appointments that can be changed or canceled as required.


  • Make use of integrated services to maximize revenues.
  • Our End-to-End expertise assist you in benefitting from every appropriate feature of the software.
  • We provide 100% compliance with HIPPA requirements to ensure data security and encryption during all the processes.
  • We tend to provide the most Up to Date processes by continuously training our experts to keep up with the changing billing regulations.
  • We tend to provide the most Up to Date processes by continuously training our experts to keep up with the changing billing regulations.
  • Enable accurate and swift claims submission and maintaining an efficient AR follow-up process.
  • Reduced operational costs and enhanced reimbursements of payments.
  • Customized features and functions that enable you to benefit from our software as per your requirements.
  • 24/7 services available to enhance the efficacy of your medical practices.
  • Reduced errors and costs in your billing processes through electronically maintained dashboards of different reports that are more efficient, secure, convenient and user friendly.

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